Replacing blinds in our remodel

A part of our remodel, and this is probably an important part of nearly every remodel done on a single family home or condo, is the replacement of our blinds across the whole house. We have had the same blinds since we moved into this place, and they were the ones that were left by the previous owner. We have commented several times about how much we wanted to buy new blinds and pick out something that is a bit more in line with our style and decorating sense. But it just never really happened, because there were always other things that we had to spend our money on and our time and effort went into different things. The way it just worked out was that we finally got around to completing the remodel that we were planning on our kitchen and entry way, and we decided that it would be a perfect time to incorporate that new hunter douglas blind switch that we have been talking about for so long. It makes sense to have our contractor just work through the whole thing, so that we don’t really have to deal with any of it on our own. They are going to take down the old blinds and take them away, probably to the dump along with all the other things that they are ripping out of our home. They have brought with them a very large dumpster that is sitting outside of our house on the street, and they are filling it up slowly with all the things that they are having to remove from the kitchen and the dining room for the remodel and the additions.

When we first decided to add the new shads into the job, we went to Fine Shadings to see what types of inventory they had and what was out there on the market at this time. It was a really great idea, because they were able to explain to us all the different functions that you can get in blinds, and all the different styles that are out there that we can choose from. It makes sense for us to really look at our usage of the blinds and how we want them to function for better use from us. We ended up going with the hunter douglas blinds that can be opened from the bottom or from the top. blindsThey also have no string that dangles down, and you just push them up or pull them down. Where you stop, they stop. They stay half way or all the way. I have never seen blinds like this before, and I am enthralled by what a great idea they are. They are really easy to use, and they look really great in our kitchen and living room. The color choices were somewhat unlimited, and so we picked a color that really highlights the place and works well with our current color scheme. We may want to change them out for a new color in the future, but for now we are really enjoying the new blinds that we have.

Stock management software lets you know when you need to reorder.

I do not have a lot of experience when it comes to making sure that all of the items in the house do not need restocking.  Of course, I could go to Sam’s Club and buy 10,000 rolls of toilet paper, but is that the best use of my second bedroom.  Storing 10,000 rolls of TP doesn’t pay me rent, so I probably have to figure out a better way to do all of that.  Nevertheless, I am not the only one that has to deal with problems like this.  Restaurants and retailers have some of the same problems so the question is how do you remedy that kind of situation.  For me personally, I would look toward a supply chain management software, so that I could have all of the items prepared for me for exactly when I need them.

stock management systemThe thought process behind this means that I will have the ability to fully stock everything that I need without having to go out and buy everything at the very beginning.  It means that all of my food would be fresher and I would be more prepared to order something.  Because I am the only person in my house that I would be cooking for, it does not make sense for me to invest in all of that stuff.  Nevertheless, I think that it would be a game changer for a restaurant or a retailer.  The best example would probably be a retailer that has a large stock of items.  I would hard pressed to think of a retailer that would not benefit from some kind of software that helped in inventory tracking.  They would be able to be aware of everything in their store all of the time.  It means having the opportunity to focus on better things in the store.  It could be spending more time with customers or training employees or looking for newer items to order.  The possibilities are kind of endless when it comes to being able to utilize a tool that allows for an individual to make their time more efficient.

I know that as someone that works in a professional setting that I would be able to spend more time working with donors if I had a time management system that limited the amount of time that had me doing things that were not central to my job.  It would be very similar for a restaurant and their ordering system.  I would hope that there would be new ways of doing business and i think that the time management systems could be just that.  My thought process here is that if a chef were to have a stock management system in place, there is a good chance that he or she would be able to improve their time in practicing their cooking to developing new marketing tools for the restaurant.  It could be very interesting to see just how that would benefit a restaurant.  I think that it could be huge in the end for a retailer or restaurant.

Energy Fuels working as the biggest company in the US uranium industry

One of the larger political debates that is engulfing our nation is our energy use and where we get our energy and fuel. There is without doubt a number of different views and options for what would be considered the better or if all else at least the least terrible way that we can try and continue our current energy extensive lifestyle. One of the many ways that we have been collecting and using energy is by using uranium fuel put through the fission process. This is one of the more polarizing energy methods because some people say that this is one of the safest ways for us to produce energy and it is not from any sort of fossil fuels so while it is not exactly a renewable resource, it at least does not depend on our very fleeing supply of dinosaur remains. Of course this does not mean that there are not questions of safety and pollutants in regards to the waste that comes from the process but of course there will always be people who are willing to overlook the possible damage and those who think it is under stated. In this particular piece of writing I do not care to go into either side of the debate but instead only to acknowledge the differences and move on. So let’s start with a bit of basic information over uranium that has been provided by one of the largest uranium companies in the United States, Energy Fuels.
First of all, uranium is a naturally-occurring and slightly radioactive element that is found in the earths crust. While most of the time the uranium that we extract and use is found in mines, the element can be found in soil, rock, groundwater, and seawater all over the world. There are pieces of the world that have more uranium than others such as the area in Wyoming, Colorado and Arizona but according to the Health Physics Society, “one square mile of earth, one foot deep, typically contains about 2 tons of radioactive uranium.”
uraniumOnce the uranium has been extracted and treated over a long process that takes the uranium through a number of phases. After all of this is done the uranium can be used for nuclear energy or for making weapons, which is what you most often hear about in the news when it comes to uranium. While when people come across uranium that we do not want to like North Korea, we here in the United States have and use a lot of uranium. In fact, around twenty percent of all of the electricity we use here in the United States comes from nuclear energy and the global average is not far behind with fifteen percent of global energy use coming from nuclear energy. Just like about everything else in the world, the use of nuclear energy is expected to boom in Asia over the next few decades.
While we do not have all of the answers or solutions regarding nuclear energy and uranium mining, it is becoming a significant portion of our energy use and probably will be for awhile.

If you have been looking for great psychotherapy, look no further.

http://wwww.livingmorefully.comFinding a great psychotherapist can be a tricky, even pesky, task.  There have been times in my life where I have looked for a therapist, but each time I went, I always got the feeling that my therapist was too judgmental, seemed disinterested, or wasn’t pointing out any aspects of myself that I did not already know.  I have always believed you should leave therapy feeling a little more enlightened about yourself.  That isn’t to say that a great therapist won’t leave you with more questions than you had before.  This is totally possible, but hopefully they are new questions.  However, I have never met a therapist that did that for me.  For awhile, I just believed that psychotherapy was not for me.  Now that I have gotten a little older, I am realizing that it probably wasn’t the field of psychotherapy, but rather the particular therapists I was seeing.  I now believe psychotherapy can greatly benefit just about anyone, including myself, if only you can find the right therapist.

Enter James Guay at Living More Fully.  Based on the testimonials on his website, the video of his 5 steps to live more fully, and his presentation of what therapy means to him, he seems like a guy I would really enjoy talking to.  His approach to helping people live more fully and with more purpose really resonates with me, and his excitement and passion for helping people is clear.

James also provides gay couples therapy and Gay Affirmative Psychotherapy.  The latter, Gay Affirmative Psychotherapy, focuses on racism, sexism, and homophobia within the larger societal context, and the impact these themes have on individuals, as well as their families.  Although James highlights the work he does with gay individuals, couples, and families with gay individuals in them, he will work with anyone regardless of their gender or sexual orientation.  And his approach to Living More Fully resonates with people across the societal spectrum, from gay to straight, and from men to women.  James wants to help you live more fully by helping you have more fulfilling relationships, increasing your effectiveness and creativity, enjoying a better work and life balance, and many more things!

As I said before, psychotherapy never seemed like a great fit for me.  That was because of the therapists I saw, though.  Most of my visits simply involved me talking aimlessly while my therapists took notes and asked a few questions.  It seems like with James’ approach that he has a plan to help you out, so you aren’t talking aimlessly and your therapist is creating some sort of plan based off of that.  He isn’t just throwing something together, he already has a plan for you that he will tailor to your specific needs.  So whether you need therapy for gay men, gay couples counseling, Gay Affirmative Psychotherapy, therapy to help you live a more fulfilled and rewarding life, or just a boost, James at Living More Fully is the man for the job.  Check out his website and give him a call to set up an appointment.



Today’s wedding videos are becoming more and more elaborate. People are using everything from the latest in special effects to full band ensemble that set the mood that each individual couple is searching for. People want to have great and unique wedding videos so they can capture the mood of that most special day of their lives and also so they can share the whole wedding experience with friends and family that were not able to come to the wedding. However, the average cost of a wedding today can range between 10 and 15 thousand dollar and that doesn’t leave a whole lot of budget for wedding video music, which is one of the most important parts of the post-production wedding video. Thankfully today, that is no longer an issue because stock music is making it possible to give your wedding a unique and amazing feel, without being a millionaire.

Wedding couples are using Royalty free music more than ever. Nobody wants to see a video without music on it, it is boring and slow. The music track is what makes it all seem like a fun experience, buy the logical possibility of hiring an entire band to create a track for your wedding video is more than likely not an option unless you have a lot of extra spending cash just sitting around and most of us do not.  If you want a country theme to your wedding than you can find royalty free country music online.  If you are looking for a jazzier theme for your wedding you can find jazz music too. The point is that there is so much music out there to choose from that your only problem maybe how to decide from all the different option, what kind of wedding theme you want to have. I know one couple who got married on Christmas so they could take advantage of all their relatives being in town. For their project they put Royalty free Christmas music into the video and it ended up sounding great.

The main point is that with stock music, anyone can get make a video amazing these days. Not long ago you had to have deep pockets or be best friends with a band leader or have a really amazing musical talents if you wanted music like of that quality but today thanks to royalty free music; all most anyone can finish their video with a pro touch. Don’t think you have to spend thousands of dollars to make something really good. Go online and see all the options you have in royalty free music and start seeing what they can do for your projects today. We have been using royalty free music for a long time now and we couldn’t be happier with it and our customers think they are getting the best deal in town, when really; they are just experiencing the amazing possibilities of using royalty free music on independent video projects. Shouldn’t you see what this new wave is all about?

Website development is critical for the success of an organization.

One of the things that I learned about website development recently is that it is central to the growth and development of an organization.  I would hope that many of the people that work at my company think the same thing.  My organization has been around for a very long time and one of the things that makes it a successful organization is the fact that we have a lot of history and relationships behind some of the work that we do.  It is with that kind of confidence that we feel like we can be on the vanguard of a lot of nonprofit thought.  Nevertheless, that also comes with the fact that we are not always the best at addressing change in our organization.  There are definitely some things that we can do better.  One of those was around website development recently.

website designWebsite development is central to an organization’s ability to grow.  My organization experienced this first-hand.  We saw that we still had a way to go in terms of our ability to get all of our ducks in a row for the launch of a new campaign and a new building.  With that in mind, we wanted to make sure that our online presence matched the need of the community and, I guess more importantly, the will of the community to get involved with some of the work that we are doing in the community.  As a result, we spent a lot of time and money on a website development plan to design a website that would allow for us to reach all of the markets and volunteers that we need. Now, we not only have a website that works well for most of our needs, but we have a page to which we can direct people to donate, get involved, and find out more about the work that we do.  It is simple and easy to use, which is critical in the new nonprofit marketplace.

We want to make sure that people can access our website as if they were going to go to a well-designed e-commerce website. It should be just as easy and the same incentive should be there for both kinds of organizations.  If someone is very familiar with online shopping, then they should feel just as comfortable supporting an initiative in their city to benefit kids and reading.  That is why we do what we do and I am happy to know that there are some websites out there that make it all of the more accessible for people to get to know.  I know that I would be in a much different position as a fundraiser should our website be any different or cumbersome to use.  Hopefully, we can develop a new understanding of what it means to participate in the community through the continual upgrading and development of our website.  I think that it would go a very long way to have that kind of impact in the community of Denver.


A kind orthodontist makes all the difference for your child.

There are all sorts of variations when it comes to the kind of experiences people have in regard to their health. I spoke with a couple of different individuals who had recently gotten teen bracestheir braces off and asked them what their experiences were. For anonymity reasons we will call these kids Jack and Jill. Let me give you some background, Jack went to an orthodontist that he absolutely loved. He had an incredible experience and is all around happy with his results. Jill went to a seperate orthodontist that she was relatively indifferent to. Her teeth look fine but she doesn’t feel like they are as straight or perfect as they could have been.

I started asking Jack a series of questions about his orthodontics experience. I asked him what kind of relationship he had with his orthodontist. He told me that his orthodontist made him feel really safe. He enjoyed his company and thought he told some really funny jokes. He actually even looked forward going to see him and he certainly didn’t dread it one bit like he did when he would go to the dentist. He even really loved the staff that they had there. He always felt safe, comfortable and taken care of.

I then asked Jill a similar question. She said that she never really enjoyed going to the orthodontist. Her orthodontist wasn’t super talkative and didn’t have a very good bed side manner though those weren’t her exact words. Her orthodontist didn’t seem to take time to learn specific things about her while Jack’s did. The staff there were nice enough to her but they didn’t pay her much attention and didn’t engage her in any conversation.

I asked Jack if his orthodontist was gentle with him when tightening his braces or asking any questions about care. He told me his orthodontist was incredible gentle and was always preparing him for what he was about to do next. He asked detailed questions and gave him a light hearted hard time if he didn’t do exactly as he was asked. Jack said his orthodontist understood that he was a kid and sometimes you aren’t able to keep up on everything you are asked to do.

Jill told me that her orthodontist was not gentle when working on her teen braces and she felt like he could have been more so. He was hard on her when she didn’t wear her rubber bands as often as he had asked though he was never really mean to her.

I asked Jack what his experience after getting his braces off was like and he said he felt awesome and was really quite compelled to wear his retainer every night to keep up the good work his orthodontist did on him and also because he was empowered around his teeth. Jill told me she didn’t care one way or another about her straight teeth and would probably not stay on top of her retainer. This goes to show that going to a good orthodontist like the ones at Pure Orthodontics in Alberta, Canada makes a huge difference for your child in the long run.

Alpenglow Expeditions has the Most Dedicated Kilimanjaro Guides.

Kilimanjaro guidesNeedless to say, there are a lot of different ways in which you can enjoy the outdoors.  Some like to fish, some like to bike, and others like to climb mountains.  Mountain climbing is a fascinating pastime that more and more people are getting involved in, every day.  Though you can mountain climb, anywhere in the world, as long as there are mountains there to climb, there are some locations that receive a lot of visitors, strictly for the purpose of mountain climbing.  Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain in the entire continent of Africa, is one of those locations.  Countless people flock to Kilimanjaro, to be able to make the exhausting trek, to the summit of the mountain.  Though there are a lot of guide services, who will take you to the top of the mountain, there are few with the right qualifications.  It is best to hire Alpenglow Expeditions because they have the most dedicated Kilimanjaro guides.

Kilimanjaro is very different from many of the other famous mountain climbing sites, in the world, and it is worth it to take your time, there, to really soak up the sights and sounds.  Kilimanjaro is surrounded by an utterly breathtaking landscape, that is home to countless animals and plants that you will find few other places, in the world.  Unlike most other famous peaks, which are so rugged that only mountain wildlife can live there, Kilimanjaro is teeming with life.  The lower portions of the mountain are actually covered in dense forests, which are the home of thousands of species.  The reason it is such a good environment for animal and plant life is partially the result of the fact that Kilimanjaro is a free-standing mountain, which is to say that it is not part of any larger mountain range.  This is unique, in the world of mountain climbing, as most of the famous and commonly-scaled mountains are part of larger ranges.  Because of this, Kilimanjaro climbing is a bit different from climbing Everest.  For one thing, it is not as far above sea level, and it rises out of the ground, rather than out of the highest mountain range in the world.

Another major way in which climbing Everest differs from climbing Kilimanjaro is the fact that Kilimanjaro can be climbed, using hiking alone, whereas Everest require the scaling of vertical portions of the mountain.  Because it does not require those type of climbing techniques that other mountains require, Kilimanjaro is considered to be a better mountain for inexperienced climbers to take on.  More or less, anyone who can hike for an entire day, for several days straight, can make the journey.  That being said, there are health restrictions, and the trek is not an easy one, despite the fact that there is no vertical climbing.  The route that Alpenglow Expeditions takes is not even the shortest one, so you need to be prepared to walk and walk, for days.  Still, there is no better route to take, if you want to climb Kilimanjaro.  It is said to be the most gorgeous.



When I was little the teachers always used to ask us what we wanted to be when we grew up or what our dream for life was. A lot of kids said they wanted to be the next president of the United States or find a cure for cancer. Some of my earliest class mates dreamed of one day being pilots, however none of them shared the singular vision I have always kept for my future which is to one day travel to the moon and own an Acura RDX.

For me it has always been as clear as winter ice, everything this life could mean can be summed up in the short and simple idea of taking that amazing journey to the moon and going to an Acura dealership and buying an RDX. I guess for me, life has been somewhat less challenging than it has for many of my friends and family member because I have always know what I wanted, as early on as 6. Over the years I have seen a lot of my friends kind of staggering through life, lost and without a purpose because they have not known what they wanted to do. I have one friend, Joey, who has been in the military, he went to the university for 4 years and now he has just left to travel around Europe for the next four months. I told Joey just decide what you want from life and start in that direction, it’ll make everything a whole lot simpler.  To some extent, the people around me have always been a little jealous of the one directional path in which my life has always traveled. They look at me and they see a man with an idea and a vision that can be neither distorted nor off set.  I once read that President Kennedy was something like me that he always wanted to be president and that no matter what else in his life was going on he kept at it. Well, Kennedy did it and I will too.  I won’t let anyone tell me I can realize my deepest desire of walking across the moons cold, dead surface and then coming back to earth and walking into the dealership and saying, “Give me the RDX in blue and white trim.” That’s correct; I even know the color of RDX which I want. It was as if I were born knowing everything I would ever want from my time here on earth.

I have been told a few times to keep my mind open and don’t discard the idea of doing something else with my time if it proves impossible for me to meet my two goals but I always respond that the word impossible is not even possible for me to say much less think. I will let the world do just as it wishes, for me I will push on and not stop till I have done it all.

Wedding Entertainment Options Seem Endless

wedding entertainmentThe evolution of the American wedding day is quite impressive when you think back to even 25 years ago, when wedding singers and their hair were supposed to be the highlight of the reception.  When I was about 6 or 7 years old, I can remember being a flower girl for my Godmother’s wedding.  I had to wear a long satin royal blue dress with puffy shoulders and a matching crown of flowers and streamers.  Maybe it was cute at the time but those pictures don’t lie; the whole getup was horrendous.  It was definitely a long time ago though, as I can remember doing the limbo in the middle of the dance floor with no reservations at all.  And unfortunately, the wedding entertainment was just as impressive as the royal blue dress; single-toned and obnoxious.

We have come a long way from the monotony of music that was available for the entertainment of the guests, as well as the bride and groom. Contemporary Wedding Entertainment offers so much more, and is now even expected to be present during the ceremony and reception, though no longer at the center of attention like it was in the 80s. For the special day of the bride and groom, the music provider should remain just that: the provider of entertainment but not the stealer of the spotlight… unless of course you would like them to be!
The music and entertainment options that are offered by the most elite of suppliers should be tailored to each couple’s style and desire, so this is precisely what most couples look for.  The right DJ or band should provide the style, or styles, of music that you want without any questions asked.  And now that the great state of Colorado is finally catching up with the times, local entertainment providers gladly perform and DJ at civil union ceremonies and same sex weddings.
Wedding Entertainment providers can also offer different kinds of entertainment if there is down time in between the ceremony and the reception.  Music is not the only way to keep your gusts happy, so you can offer them photo booths, tarot card readings, karaoke, and more.  Guests usually have some time to kill while the wedding party is off getting hundreds of pictures taken, so Entertainment Providers like A Music Plus in Denver can be ready to entertain while the bride and groom are doing other things.

When you’re looking around for the best wedding entertainment, too many options can sometimes be a bad thing.  Choices are overwhelming and styles and types of particular music are endless, so much so that it can make your head spin.  Too many choices can make these exciting decisions much less exciting, and that’s not how it should be.  It’s your wedding day, it should be fun to plan every detail!  So don’t let the bottomless pit of wedding entertainment choices keep you from realizing what exactly you want.  Just stop, picture the wedding that you’ve always dreamed of, and start planning from there.