How to recover from a facelift in Denver

Most of us fear aging, fear those wrinkles that will inevitably appear no matter how impeccable our skin care and preservation routine. This fear is the reason that the plastic surgery industry is so successful, one of its most popular surgeries being a facelift. Facelifts, also known as rhyetidectomies, are popular because of their ability to restore some of the youthful appearance to the face and bring back lost confidence as a result. Facelift surgery, though is no outpatient surgery. Instead, a more serious and careful approach is required for facelift recovery. A one to two week window will be necessary for this recovery, bringing the individual to the point where she can put on makeup and go out in public. For those who wish for an optimum and quick recovery, a few practices are advised.

1. Use homeopathic treatments and medications both before surgery and after surgery. Many people swear by Arnica, which is one popular homeopathic medicine often used to reduction in swelling and bruising. The correct dosage for Arnica is one to two tables each night about two weeks before surgery and for several weeks after surgery.

2. Before and after surgery, avoid all use of blood thinners. Some common blood thinner that you might not think of immediately are ibuprofen, aspirin, garlic, and olive oil. These should be avoided after surgery since their blood thinning effect will cause more and more bruising and swelling, both of which you will want to avoid.

3. Keep skin well cared for at all times. The best skin care regimen will include regular cleaning, exfoliation, and moisturizing. Many people also use Retin-A, hydroquinone, glycolic peels, and microdermabrasion. Optimal skin care pre-surgery allows for a greater store of collagen, this store enabling the face to heal more quickly and completely after surgery.

4. Position the body effectively and ice the face and surrounding areas after surgery is completed. The best body position for after surgery is elevation of the head.

6. Make use of antibiotic cream and anti bruising cream. This cream is great for keeping wounds clean, germ free and healing. Use them per the doctor’s recommendations.

7. To distract people from evidence of your surgery, change your hairstyle right after you have the surgery done. One dramatic change you might consider is extensions. These changes will keep people from noticing any incisions or scars, keeping them from asking uncomfortable or awkward questions and allowing you to feel relaxed. Bangs might distract from the scars from a forehead lift and hair styled over the ears will distract from incisions near the ears.

8. Lay off the hard exercise until a few weeks after your surgery. Exercise will immediately increase a person’s heart rate and blood pressure, and these effects will increase bleeding and swelling in the areas the doctor operated on. Wait until at least the incisions have healed before you hit the gym or the jogging trail.

9. Use makeup to cover up any bruising or discoloration.

Raval MD of Denver can answer any other facelift questions you might have. Don’t hesitate to contact them.





Athlete marketing is a wise move.

Companies the world over are constantly looking for ways to market their new products.  There are so many different options out there, one of the things that they all consider is what their audiences are looking for.  It changes with each location in which they are doing this kind of research. From Asia to the United States, each culture has a certain affinity for the use of athletes in the marketing campaigns.  As a result, it is important to be aware of what options are out there.  Make sure that each of the areas that you select to market in may be moved by your campaigns and the best way to do this is to have a consumer centered approach to your products and their development.

celebrity endorsementsLet’s talk about what may be useful, here in the United States.  There is a small fraction of people that may be driven by the soccer stars of today in the UK.  However, it would probably not make a sound marketing strategy if you try and do it for a huge product that is aiming for a good proportion of the people here in the United States.  For example, if you were to do a marketing campaign with John Terry in the United States, people would not buy any of the products.  This is because he is pretty anonymous here and if someone did do some research, they would find that he is an absolute horrible person.  As a result, the best thing that you can do would be to get someone with some clout that plays a more popular American sport.  A good example of this may be some basketball player.  In terms of marketing campaigns with athletes, a basketball player may be a great resource.

If this is the case, then consider them as a pitch person that can go around and really promote your product.  If you are going to try and do this, do it during the off season wen they have a little bit more time to devote to something like this.  During the season, they are subject to changes in their schedules due to travel, games, and the occasional injury.  That is why it is important to play out your campaign and make sure that you have all of the right pieces in place.  Outside of basketball players as a celebrity marketer, you can get football players who are a bit more accessible during the season.  Someone like this may be a good player who is not the quarterback.  The quarterbacks tend to go for the bigger products, so it may be worth trying to nab someone like a tight end.  They would be happy to endorse your products.  These kinds of athlete endorsements are great for the individual and for the company that hires them because everyone is excited about the products in question.  So the next time you have a product launch, consider using an athlete that people in your area find exciting.  It will make the entire experience more enjoyable.


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Signs that Your Loved One Needs Senior Living Care

Your elderly loved one may not say it directly but they may need some assistance in carrying out their day to day activities. Senior assisted living can be necessary in some instances. Here are some signs your elderly loved one may need assisted living.

Frequent bruises and other signs of injury

When you notice bruises or other signs of injuries frequently on your senior loved one, ask about it immediately. Although everybody goes through minor accidents, if these are too frequent, it may be a sign of falling, or problems with mobility and balance. Your home or your loved ones home may not be as equipped safety equipment such as rails or wheelchair ramps. In this case, transitioning to a senior assisted living facility may be required to prevent injuries and ensure safety.


Senior assistance

Poor hygiene

Do you notice that your parent or loved one is wearing the same items of clothing repeatedly? Do they look like they have been neglecting their personal hygiene? In this case, it is possible that your elderly loved one may be encountering challenges in doing the laundry or bathing. The act of bathing or doing the laundry may be causing them pain or discomfort. Assisted living facilities have staff that is equipped in assisting seniors with their hygiene needs. Transitioning to this kind of arrangement may be best in making sure they are comfortable.

Poor eating habits

If you notice a negative change in the weight and appearance of your elderly loved one, eating habits should be one of the first things you should investigate about. If your loved one is living alone, check the contents of their fridge. Is it empty? Is it filled with unhealthy or spoiled food? Chances are they may not be preparing healthy meals because shopping for food may be difficult for them. Transportation may not also be available. Another factor is if your loved one is experiencing physical discomfort that is hindering them from being able to cook and clean up. Inside a senior living facility, this is well taken care of. Depending on the type of facility, they can be able to receive meals that are already prepared for them. Some facilities assist the elderly when it comes to shopping, storing or preparing their food.

Forgetting things

For a lot of seniors, forgetting things may happen frequently. Some seniors adjust to them well and have devised strategies to help them remember. However, to some seniors this may be a cause of missed doctor’s appointments. There are also instances that harm and injury occurs because they forget basic safety measure around the kitchen or when handling electric devices. In this case, senior living facilities are recommended to make sure medical regimen is followed and that they are always safe and sound.


Human interaction is a basic need. When your elderly loved ones are no longer able to go out or engage in activities that allow them to interact with others, this causes a negative effect on their emotions. In assisted living facilities, they have the opportunity to engage in activities that are safe and comfortable to them so that they may be able to engage with other seniors as well as interact with the staff.


Athlete appearances could help your next company function.

Companies are constantly trying to figure out the next best way to make people excited about the offerings at the next company meeting.  For years companies have tried the same exact formula of a company softball game or bringing together families for a barbecue at the park.  These were great, but many people are looking for something difference.  Something that could perhaps be labeled more exciting.  With that in mind, one of the best things that a company can do is develop a relationship with a firm that has connections with an athlete or a celebrity.

Many companies have been utilizing these connections as a way to bring more attention to their employees and to help them get more excited about what is going on at the office.  A good example of this may be a charitable fundraising drive kickoff.  Many of the people that have been at the company for years probably know all about the charity and are not excited to hear about it again.  As a result, the people tend to tune out.  So how do you get them more involved?  One of the first things that you can do is to alert them to some of the new offerings at the company and introduce a celebrity speaker or an athlete can come by as well.

celebrity appearancesWho would you choose?  That is a reasonable next question.  For many places that do not have the celebrity concentration that they would have in Los Angeles or New York, that answer may be an athlete.  The local football team for example.  Here in Denver, a good place to start is the Denver Broncos.  The Denver Broncos are ridiculously popular and during the season even more so.  As a result, if it is possible to get one of the players there, especially one of the start players, it could make all of the difference.  A company that has not done this in the past may be at a loss of how to get some of the top players to an event like this.  Athlete appearances are never an easy thing to make happen, so one of the best things that is commonly done is for a company to be contracted to make it all happen.

There are many companies out there that have the relationship in place to bring the athlete there, so they can talk about why they support that nonprofit in question.  This will allow for you, the company, the stay out of the contract negotiations and allow for the athlete to just show up.  The minimal amount that you have to facilitate the process the best.  In doing so, the hope is that people will be more engaged and more willing to get their butts to the meeting. It has worked for many companies in the past and it is a great morale booster as well.  So think about whether that may work for you company and procure that celebrity for your next meeting.  It will make the entire event more fun.


If you are in the market for a new diamond ring or any new piece of diamond jewelry, then it is important to make sure that you are purchasing a certified diamond. You may be http://www.davidsonjewels.comwondering why buying a certified diamond is so often pushed so heavily by diamond sellers and jewelers. Often the jewelers that expressly tell you that you should purchase certified diamonds are of course the ones that have certified diamonds that they are ready and able to sell to you, but what exactly does that mean and is it really a better diamond? Let’s start by taking a look at what being a certified diamond actually means.

Certified diamonds are diamonds that has been evaluated by a gemologist and verified for their quality. They look at the 4C’s (cut, color, clarity and carat) and create a report or certificate that breaks down their analysis for the consumer. This allows you to have confidence when purchasing your diamond engagement ring, because you know that it really is a good quality diamond rather than just having to trust the words of the person attempting to sell you the stone. When a gem stone comes with a grading certificate, it will gives you a detailed expectation of what the gem stone should look like without ever having to actually see it. Certified diamonds make it easier to compare different diamonds that you want to purchase because all of the aspects of the diamonds are there in writing in front of you as opposed to trying to discern the quality by examining the diamond yourself when you are not an expert. If an online jewelry store can provide you with the proof that asserts if a diamond is certified it means that you could also feel comfortable purchasing a stone online, again because you have the characteristics all written down in black-and-white in a standardized form. As opposed to relying on the description of the person selling it. Certified diamonds actually hold their value better than non-certified especially if you are selling it as part of an estate sale or for resale, or even if you want to upgrade a diamond you already own..

If you make the wise decision to purchase a certified diamond, you will want to make sure that the certification that you are seeing is actually from a third-party lab and not one that is affiliated with the jeweler or wholesaler or store itself. These reports done by the actual retailer will likely tend to be more biased. You also want to make sure that the certification you are seeing is from a quality lab that has at least national, if not worldwide, recognition. Labs with worldwide renowned and standardized practices of evaluating and certifying diamonds are the GIA, AGS, EGL, I G.I., and HRD. If you see a certification done by any of these companies you can feel confident that it is accurate and authentic and you should feel comfortable purchasing a diamond with one of these certifications.

The World Health Organization facts behind the need for radon reduction.

Modern medicine and science have made huge advancements over the last couple of decades.  A few short decades ago, humans knew relatively little about the immune system, and even less about how specific diseases and ailments impacted it.  If you think about how technology has advanced, it is perhaps even more incredible, with the inventions of smartphones, tablets, and the like.  More often than not, advancements in technology have led to advancements in medicine.  For example, there is now an app where people can meet with their doctor over the telephone, and they can even have things prescribed to them over the phone.  Think about how great this invention is.  First, people don’t have to leave their home when they’re not feeling well, but second they don’t have to bring anyone else into contact with them to get them sick.  It’s a win-win.

Advancements in technology and medicine have combined to provide a great deal more information about the things that harm us and how they should be avoided.  One of the many discoveries over the last couple of decades is the correlation between exposure to radon gas and how that exposure impacts the health of various people.  The World Health Organization provides five facts that show the need for radon reduction.  Radon is a gas that occurs naturally and can be found in high concentrations in homes and businesses.  This means that radon could be in your home and business, and that the levels could be high enough to be putting you and your family at risk.

2.  Behind smoking, it is the second leading cause of cancer.  Think about this statistic for a moment and then consider whether or not you want to be subjecting yourself to the dangers of high radon exposure.

3.  Between 3 and 14% of all lung cancer is caused by radon gas.  This means that every single year a huge number of people are dying from radon exposure, deaths that could be prevented with simple radon reduction systems.

4.  The fourth fact that the World Health Organization provides is that if you are a smoker, you are much more likely to contract lung cancer from radon exposure.  The science here is quite simple.  Since smoking is already damaging the cells in your lungs, the increased damage caused by radon makes it much more likely that you will develop lung cancer at some point in your life.

5.  Finally, there is no known level of radon exposure that is safe.  In other words, the more you are exposed to radon throughout your life, the more likely you are to develop adverse health consequences.

These five facts can be scary, especially when you consider that your home could be contaminated with radon and you might not even know it.  For this reason, you should immediately have your home tested for radon and if the levels are too high, you should install a radon remediation system as soon as possible.  This simple system will remove harmful radon from your home and ensure that you and those living in your home are not subjected to the dangers of prolonged radon exposure.

The Indoor Radon Abatement Act: Was it Effective?

It has been more than 20 years since the Indoor Radon Abatement Act was signed into law. The law was originally signed by then President Ronald Reagan in October of 1988. Under the Act the long term view was to make sure that indoor air across the country was free from radon contamination. It was not limited to indoor air but the ambient air outside of buildings as well. In order to implement the law, an amount of $45 million was to be spent for a period of three years on different activities. These include public information dissemination, establishing radon training centers, or helping companies offer radon mitigation services. So how has the law fared so far?

Radon Mitigation

Radon Remediation

The Office of Inspector General under the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency released a report as far back as 2008 on the status of the Radon Abatement Act. According to that report, despite the efforts to reduce contamination of not just the EPA but various agencies as well, certain parts of the law has not been implemented properly. Even if implemented, the measures put in place are not being done fast enough. For example from the years 2001 to 2005, the report said that of the almost 7 million single-detached homes in country, less than half a million had features that prevented or mitigated radon contamination. In addition of the more than 75 million homes in the U.S., only a little over 2 million of them had radon remediation systems put in place.

However this does not mean that the EPA was not doing anything. Since the law was first enacted, the EPA has introduced a voluntary program that was aimed to lessen the contamination of radon in indoor air. This was done through the introduction of different awareness programs, implementation of testing, and the creation of radon mitigation systems, to name a few.

One of the problems was that even with the law building codes in certain states did not require that homes be made resistant to radon contamination. To their credit however there has been a good improvement when it comes to contamination related to real estate. Property bought and new building constructed has had radon reduced. Many real estate agents today, and even buyers, request either the land or home be tested before they buy it.

Generally however the report says that there are three main reasons why the law seems to be ineffective. First is that the ability of the EPA to get the needed results through their voluntary program remains to be limited. Second reason is that some real estate agents do not recommend radon remediation or even testing since it can result in a possible loss of profit especially if the results are found to be positive. Finally some construction companies are hesitant to use new materials since it means additional expense for them.

However there is still a chance. The report recommends that if changes and improvements are made by the EPA, then there is still a chance to ensure that the Indoor Radon Abatement Act will do what it was supposed to do.

Data science can even help IT companies.

One might be quick to confuse data science and IT as fields that are remarkably similar and perhaps interchangeable. The reality, however, is that although the names were indeed originally used interchangeably, the fact of the matter is that data scientists have a specific skill set that even IT experts can benefit from. Indeed, one of the specific tasks that data scientists work with includes “enterprise ontology”. This is a very specific kind of deliverable that is often created for IT groups as part of the deliverables from a data science project. It does seem strange that an IT group might need help from another group that works with data, but the reality is the data scientists utilize a very specific skill set that IT specialists are not necessarily well versed in. This is why a project like Enterprise Ontology is a perfect way for an IT group as well as other groups to make use of the expert data mining knowledge that data scientists possess.

So, what exactly is an “enterprise ontology.” It sounds like a phrase that would be more appropriately placed in a Star Trek script! An enterprise ontology is a document or an encyclopedia based in software that catalogs the entity types that are stores in the enterprise’s servers. This means that a company will have a database, of sorts, that includes all of the entities that the company works with or uses. This can be massively important, in particular for IT organizations. First, it saves time and energy. By having all of the entities in a database to start with, application and database developers don’t have to waste time and money gathering data from primary sources. Instead, they can find the necessary information all in one place. Similarly, architects will be better able to design new systems in a way that insures proper integration of all entities within a system. An enterprise ontology also helps teams gather and share data more effectively and efficiently.

When an analytics consulting team works on an enterprise ontology, they will do three main things to get your company set up with what you need. The first is an enterprise ontology server. A “wiki” for example is an enterprise ontology server. They will also set up profiling data sources and interview staff who are familiar with the data sources in question. The time and investment in these systems is not long, and it only takes one or two consultants over a few months. The best ways to set up an enterprise ontology is to work with many different ways that the entity is referred to, a description, attributes, consumer systems, source systems, and other systems that interact with the entity in various ways. With all of this data located in a single place, it is easy to see how systems are made more efficient. Is this not the goal of a data scientist? To work with data in order to come up with more effective and more efficient models so that the work that is done is done so in a more powerful way!

If you love electronics, think about opening an iPad repair shop. you are an avid news watcher, one of the consistent themes you’ll hear is that the job market isn’t what it used to be.  For earlier generations, people could go to college, earn a degree, enter the workforce, and, with some hard work, rise up the corporate ladder.  Today, that simply isn’t the case.  College graduates are spending more money than they’ve ever had to to earn a college degree and they’re finding lower paying jobs than they’ve ever had to.  In a sense, the system simply isn’t working for young people like it once did.

For this reason, many young people are standing to think outside the box.  They’re launching their own businesses, picking up three or four jobs at the same time, and coming up with small ways to boost their incomes.  Of all of these options, starting your own business is probably the strongest idea.  If you can come up with a product or service that is in high demand, it is possible that you could make it on your own, or at least make enough money to subside on.

The most difficult aspect of starting your own business is figuring out what the business should do.  One great idea for many young people who love electronics is to open an iPad repair shop.  Electronic tablets like iPads are only gaining popularity.  More and more people are buying them than ever before, which means that more and more of them are breaking and will need repairs.  Also, there simply aren’t enough stores in this industry to make all of the necessary repairs, so there is an opportunity for new iPad repair shops to grow as the market grows.

Take the example of ZAGG Phone Repair, a tablet repair specialist.  The company was founded essentially in the backyard of a home.  In the beginning, they primarily focused on making repairs for electronic owners in their area.  Over time the company grew, and they were able to open up several locations throughout the greater D.C. area.  Over time they moved on from simply making repairs to tablets and smartphones and started making and selling many of the accessories that go with these devices.  Over the course of a few short years they became the number one accessories dealer in the country, selling millions of dollars of merchandise every single year.

Obviously, not every person launching an iPad repair shop can hope to have the success that ZAGG Phone Repair has had.  However, it is highly possible that if the market where the shop is opened is chosen wisely, and a clever marketing strategy is developed, the business could thrive.  There are simply too many iPad and tablet owners out there for the market to not be able to take another company on.

Today’s economic situation is tough.  People are being asked to spend more money than they ever have yet they are being asked to make less.  The system simply won’t work for much longer unless people are creative enough to make the system work for them.

CBD Test Labs May Determine Whether You Get A Job

Cannabis PotencyIn the current economy it can be very difficult for some people to get a job. There is a shortage of job openings in the United States of America. This is one of the leading causes for people in your community to not be employed. Unfortunately there are a lot of other reasons that will cause people to not being able to find a job. Many work environments have now started to perform drug and alcohol screenings that will take prior to employment. This is something that is so important because no employer wants to have a bunch of employees who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. As you may already be aware of, these two things can impair a person’s judgment, uncontrollable behavior, in extreme cases death can occur, or fatigue. If any of these side effects are put into a work environment there will more than likely be unhealthy results.

The average drug and alcohol screenings will be able to detect something that is known as cannabidiol, or CBD, which is a compound that is found in marijuana. If you are a user of marijuana this is something that will show up in the CBD test labs screens. The employees who have been tested in a CBD test lab and have shown any amount of CBD in their system will not be able to get employed by that company. The thing that is the most important thing to take a note of is that the person who is trying to get the job is not using medical marijuana that was prescribed by their doctor.

This brings about the most common debate that is currently going on. The real question here is whether it is okay to allow the people who are legally prescribed medical marijuana should be allowed to have CBD in their system as a result of the CBD test lab. The companies who are trying to offer a person a job who currently has any amount of cannabidiol in their system needs to go through a very specific procedure. This may include contacting their doctor to get a doctor’s note to make sure that that person is actually receiving medical marijuana for a medical condition.

There is one way that CBD test labs can determine if the individual that has this compound present in their system is taking cannabis for a medical condition or not. The reason for this is because CBD is the compound that is found in marijuana which does not cause a high. Therefore, if there is a high level of THC then this might be an indicator that the person who is getting tested in the CBD test lab may be using cannabis for recreational use to get high. The presence of CBD from a drug screen will be a common sign that it is in the persons system because of a medical condition. Employers will need to evaluate the possibilities as to why there may be amounts of CBD in a person’s system before they refuse employment. If they refuse employment to a person who is legally using CBD for a medical condition then there could be a lawsuit.

Ever kid needs a good dentist.

There are many invisible factors that people do not often think about.  This can be anything from the side effects of the food that we eat to the development of foresight of getting to the doctor on time.  The factors range incredibly, but they all have something in common: there are many impacts to the way that we live our lives and it is important to make sure that we have a wide ranging view of how to take care of ourselves. One of the most important things that we can each focus on is our oral health.  Oral health is something that many people overlook, but it actually has a huge impact on our way of lives. In fact, people will acknowledge that if you have better teeth, you are more likely to be successful financially later in life.

dentistIn a recent survey of human resource professionals, it became very clear that one of the things that hiring managers first see is the teeth of the person they are interviewing or looking to hire.  Beyond how they are dressed, the hiring professionals know that if the person has good teeth, there is a very good chance that they will be a well kept individual. Nevertheless, it is not always easy to find a good dentist. There are many offices out there, but discerning which is going to be a high quality office from one that is going to be a slightly underwhelming experience seems to be one of the more difficult tasks to accomplish.

With that in mind, this article is intended to help you find a dentist that fits your needs.  Let’s take a local dentist and work off of what they have to offer.  Southmoor Pediatric Dentistry is one of the leaders in our community for family dentistry. They have a long history of working with many families to ensure that they have all of the right pieces in place to help you with your long term oral health needs.  With that in mind, working toward  a resolution in that respect, they listen to the needs and the aspirations of the family and help to identify a plan that will work for the entire family. According to their website, they have that long term view of what it takes to be successful.  They “partner with you from the toddler stage (12 months and up) through the teens and into early adulthood to help your child develop healthy dental habits, a positive attitude toward dentistry, and, of course, a beautiful smile.”  It is a great way to ensure that you will be taken care of for a very long time and into the future.

The next time you are looking for a holistic and long term view dentist to work with, consider going to one that is similar to Southmoor Pediatric Dentistry.  Their learnings and focus on the future will help you and your family immensely in the future.  So give a similar dentist a try and find out how good your teeth can be.



  1. Hire a professional event display design team to give your booth a competitive, quality design. At any large trade show event the booths present can be divided into two categories; those that have been professionally designed and those which have not. Having a lack luster booth can hurt your company’s image more than you might expect. People associate unappealing booths with a lack of concern for the event or worse, with a small company that does not have the funds to create a solid event display for the trade show. The fact of the matter is that designers for trade show booths are much less expensive than one might think. In fact, many companies end up spending more on their event displays by attempting to do them on their own. Designers are better suited at understanding what materials to use, how to make the most out of space and how to organize your area so that people can flow in and out without feeling crowded. There is also another big advantage to hiring a pro for your trade show display design and that is the fact that the designers know how to create a theme that links your business with your design. This concept may seem unimportant for people with little understanding of how design and business work, however it has been well established that a solid link between company logos and designs is closely associated with a serious, trustworthy business. There are specific colors that should be paired with different kinds of industry and there are also specific shapes and concepts that mean higher levels of customer trust. If you have not used a pro design team in the past, it may well be worth giving it a shot the next time an important trade show rolls around.
  2. Hire a team of professional promoters to help your core team attend the public during the event. One of the most typically heard reasons for why a person will avoid a booth is that there were too many people around and they felt that they would not be able to have their questions answered. By hiring a team of promoters, dressed in company attire, you can amplify your ability to attend the public. The public will see a large team as a sign of company strength and consideration for the potential clients. A team of promoters is a small price to pay to be able to give your customers a more personal client to company interaction.
  3. Try and include a fun element into your trade show booth. You would be amazed how many people you can draw in with just a little fun. Some fun things you could do might be having a little music playing at your booth. Many companies also include games for the public which draw in people and then keep them there to talk about the business. Anything you can do to draw in people from the crowd will bring you a greater number of chances to pitch your business ideas or just network with people from around the event.

How to Hire Roof Repair Easily

The job of a roofer is important, more than you might even notice. You need a roofer who is willing to put in time and effort into getting your roof inspected and assessed with minimal time. Diagnosing your issue is the first step of many when it comes to repairs on your roof. Here is a list of things you can do before hiring the roofer you need to do the roofing.

Assess the Damage

As you begin to explore your options, it is important that you take the necessary time to access the damage on your roof. You want to do so by getting on the roof and seeing where the issue lies. Sometimes, it may require an inspection of the inner-side of your roof, so access to your attic will be necessary.

Assessing the damage on the roof will help you identify the source of the issue. When doing phone consultations, you can accurately describe the issue to the roofer on the phone. They will be able to do more with the information you give them, as it will be accurate and precise. The more accurate the information you give the contractor, the quicker they will be able to give you a budgeted estimate for the job.

Call Your Insurance Agent

There is a likely chance you have homeowner insurance. Typically, when something happens to your home (more specifically, your roof), you will be able to receive compensation to get the house fixed up with minimal issues. You want to be thorough with the problem, so that the insurance company can make a better determination on whether they will fund the project at hand or not. If they do decide to fund it, they will hire an inspector to give them an estimate on how much the job will cost them.

Taking it from here, they will give you a figure to work with and you must find a roofer who is able to do this for you without much issue.

While it might be difficult to find an adequate roofer who will accommodate your current needs, it is not impossible. Even if it costs you a couple of bucks out of pocket, getting your insurance to cover the majority of the expenses will save you hundreds of dollars.

Begin Interviewing Companies

As you begin to access your damage, you want to begin calling different roof companies. Pick a few that make you feel at ease with their skills. By talking with them over the phone, you can get a gist of the overall company. This will help you with finding the best company for the job.

After the phone interviews, you will be able to meet up for a consultation. This will be the main “interview” and give you the power to ask all questions needed. Here, you will also get a good budget that will help you determine which will be the ideal choice in a company.

Your interview will be the determining factor in which roofers you hire.

Shorter Videos Hold Attention Longer

There are many different video sharing sites out there, and each has their own features that makes them special.  The new site Brain-Slam has a unique feature that sets it apart from all of the other video sites: all of the content on their site is 30 seconds long or less. You may be wondering why the 30 second limit. Or you may be thinking that 30 seconds is far too short to capture any kind of meaningful or interesting video, but you would be surprised to find that the majority of internet videos out there are already just about 30 seconds long. We currently live in a society where we are constantly flooded with a barrage of tv commercials, text ads and emails all vying for our attention. As the number of outlets increase that we are required to divide our attention among, the shorter our attention spans become. After after all, we live in an era of soundbites, where the common point of view is ‘why would we read the whole article when we can get the recap’? This is same logic applies to videos watched on video sharing sites. Whether it is a marketing video or video that is watched just for entertainment, studies show that 80% of people that watch a video that is 30 seconds or less will actually finish the video, whereas a video that is over two minutes has a much lower rate of successful completion. You can also conclude from that statistic that since more people are watching a video from start to finish when it is under 30 seconds, that they are also more engaged and invested in what they are seeing. They are going to be more likely to remember the video and to recommend it to others. In addition to that, if you watch videos that are over 30 seconds long – say two minutes for example – you will find that many videos put the gist of their the message in the first 30 seconds or last 30 seconds of their videos no matter what the length.  So most of the content is built into a total of 30 seconds across a video anyway.

In this way Brain Slam has actually done what most other video sites encourage but do not enforce. With shorter videos you are able to watch what interests you and stop wasting your time on videos that ultimately were not what you wanted to see in the first place. The shorter timeframe means you also have time to rate more videos quicker, which means the proprietary SoclaIQ system that Brain Slam uses will be able to recommend videos that you may like to watch with even more accuracy.

So, to recap: shorter online videos mean a more engaged viewer, someone that will watch the entire video to the end, it will give them more time to rate videos, which leads to more accurate video recommendations for you, which in turn leads to an even more satisfying online video watching experience!


  1. Commercial contractors are now in charge of ore aspects of the building process than they once were. Not only in commercial construction, but in many different industries there has been a trend of bringing all the different sectors of a large together under the direction of a single person or group. In commercial building, it was once very common place for six or seven different groups to work together during the building process, each working in their own separate sectors. Nowadays there it is typical to see the whole range of workers cooperating under the leadership of the building contractor. The construction team, the machine supervisors, the lawyers who revise city codes and construction contract agreements all use the building contractor as their central leadership for the entire project. The unification of all the different teams under one single project manager has proved to be a very positive change in the construction industry. For one thing, there is far less likelihood that the construction process will have to be halted because one part of the team is experiencing problems. The modern construction contractors work with a large network of people from all areas of the construction business, so if one of the participants in a project falls behind, another group can be brought in immediately to take over their place. Some of the larger building firms have dozens of subgroups that work with them. Companies like Gregor Industries take extra steps to ensure that they are able to provide any contracting service needed, no matter what internal problems they may be experiencing.  The shift to a more unified workforce in the commercial building sector has also been a great help to the many workers within a project because there is far less confusion with work schedules and project particularities. The commercial contractors provide a source of leadership and organization for the entire body of workers.
  2. Large construction jobs now have to be planned out with far more anticipation. The average American city has made a lot of revisions to their building codes over the last twenty years, changes which have brought about new complications for building projects. Getting permits to start a new construction project were once far easier than they are today. In the end, these changes have brought about a need for more advanced planning. It is an industry standard that commercial contractors present their request to begin a project six months before the proposed start date. The change has made getting large project into gear a bit slower, but on the positive side, the projects turn out to be better planned, and many of the typical complications that can arise during construction are avoided.
  3. Safety standards have gone up a great deal. There are now special safety groups which monitor the level safety that is being observed at construction sites. The building contractor must have a fulltime employee at the actual work site whose only job is to keep safety precautions up to the industry standards. The increase in caution at the worksite has done a good deal for making building jobs safer places for people to work.


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Make your man a great shaving cream with frankincense oil.

Okay, we all know the stereotypes: women love to shop and men do not. They like to hunt and do manly things. Women like small little gifts and trinkets where as men don’t like “stuff” and prefer to have bigger presents like tools and tractors. As much as we love the men in our lives, we prefer to offer them gifts that aren’t going to break the bank. frankincense oil Fortunately for those of us who have good men in our lives, we now have an opportunity to give them a present that costs little, they can actually use and that is homemade! With the help of Plant Therapy, a business who sells essential oils and oil diffusers at low cost, you can make the man in your life be, it a father, son or husband, very happy with this shaving cream and after shave recipe found on Plant Therapy’s blog.

Alright, let’s start with the shaving cream. All you will need is 1/3 cup of shea butter, 1/3 cup of coconut oil, 1/8 cup of olive oil and then 30 drops of the essential oils of your choice. If you are stumped, don’t worry; Plant Therapy offers several different essential oil combinations for you to choose from.

For the shaving cream,  you melt all the butters and oils together in a sauce pan on low heat. You can also use a double boiler. You will remove the mixture from the heat once it is melted and then you will add the essential oils. Let it cool and then move on to the after shave (see recipe below). Wait until the shaving cream is hard and then using a beater or mixer whip it up until it is light and fluffy. Store in an airtight container.

Now on to the after shave! You will need 1 – 1/2 ounces of distilled water, 1 – 1/2 ounces witch hazel, 1 tsp vegetable glycerine, 3 – 5 drops vitamin E and only 12 drops of essential oils (that is all you will need).

This is fairly easy! All you do is combine each ingredient together in a 4 ounce spray bottle and shake well. Then you spray it onto your skin after shaving. Voila! You have a pampered man.

If you are curious about different essential oil recipes, here are some of the ones that Plant Therapy provides with your man in mind:

  • Manly: 3 drops bergamot, frankincense, and cedarwood.
  • Outdoor Fresh: 2 drops fir needle, coriander and 3 drops of cedarwood.
  • Deep Peace: 3 drops of sandalwood, 1 drop of vetiver and patchouli.
  • Bright and Spicy: 7 drops of lemon and 1 drop of ginger and clove.
  • Mister Clean: 4 drops bergamot and 2 drops black pepper and patchouli.

The “Manly” recipe is perfect for the shaving cream because you will want to wash off the bergamot and then frankincense oil is just so refreshing!

Challenge gender stereotypes by making a present for the man in your life this year that will make him just as giddy as a girl going shoe shopping. For more interesting and healing Christmas present ideas, check out Plant Therapy’s 25 Days of Christmas blog.

It Pays to Shop Around, for the Best Storage Facility.

storage facilityHaving a place to keep all of your possessions is a big part of what having a home is all about.  Interestingly enough, though, in the United States, there are a lot of people who have too much stuff to fit in their homes.  Whether this is an ongoing or temporary problem, related to moving or something, it is necessary to figure out what to do with all of your possessions that will not fit.  Other than giving away, throwing away, or selling your property, the easiest option is to store it in self storage, for awhile.  Of course, with so many businesses competing in this industry, it pays to shop around, for the best deal, as well as the best quality storage facility.  In the Delhi, California area, Direct Storage is clearly the best option.  They have all of the qualities you would want from a good storage facility, including adequate security, good customer service, fair prices, and secure storage units.

Needless to say, if security is an issue it all, it needs to be a top priority.  Furthermore, in the world of storage, security is critical, since storing something is pointless, if there is a good chance it will get stolen, anyway.  Luckily, with diligence and modern technology, crime can be prevented, before it happens, on the premises of a storage facility.  One of the most important elements of security is having good security personnel, to scour the area, for criminal activity.  With skilled security personnel present, crime is much less likely to occur, making you safer and your possessions more secure.  Surveillance is also a big part of keeping people and their things safe.  Surveillance equipment utilized for monitoring a large storage facility must be extremely top-of-the-line, in order to be able to thoroughly keep track of such a large area.  The surveillance equipment serves two purposes, the first of which is obvious: to record everything that goes on.  The second purpose it serves is to make the storage facility less appealing, as a target, to potential criminals.  The idea of being recorded perpetrating a criminal act is enough to deter most from attempting anything.

In addition to the level of security that is employed, you also need to pay attention to the contracts and business practices that characterize the storage facility you are considering.  A contract is pretty much standard, for any type of rental agreement, but the exact way that they word the contract and the exact stipulations vary, quite a bit.  Ideally, a contract should be straightforward enough that you are only paying the amount that they have outlined, at the beginning.  Furthermore, you should not be coerced into signing up for more time than you need.  As storage is often needed on only a temporary basis, most legitimate storage facilities offer monthly contracts, as opposed to demanding that you sign up for a full year.  Mandatory long-term contracts are to be avoided, even if you do think you may need your storage unit, for a long time.

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Why do restaurants use guest pagers

guest pagerHave you ever been to a restaurant where they tell you that there will be approximately a 30 minute wait before they will be able to be seated at a table?  It is very likely that this has happened to nearly everyone.  There is not a single person on this earth that has never gone out to eat at a restaurant at some point in their life time.  If you take a moment to think back to the last time that you were at a restaurant and waiting to be seated, were you ever handed a guest pager?  A guest pager is a small hand held device that will either just vibrate or it will vibrate and have lights that will flash.  This is the wireless device that will tell guests that their table is ready for them.

The reason that the guest pagers are put into place for the residents is to make sure that the customers are aware when their table is ready.  As you may already know, when the customers find out that the restaurant that they are wanting to eat at does not have a table that is ready for them they will be handed the guest pager.  At this point in time the guests will then either walk out of the restaurant to wait outside, wait in the waiting area of the restaurant, go to the bathroom, or even go sit at the bar to wait for their guest pager to go off.  When the restaurant has had enough time to find an open table, clean the table off, and then reset it the staff members will then communicate with the hostess that they have a table that is ready for that particular guest’s party.  The hostess will then be required to do her job to make sure that this message is properly communicated with the guests that he or she knows is waiting for their table.

The hostess has more than likely had a proper training session about what they should do in order to make sure that they are communicating properly.  The restaurants in today’s society are turning to a new source of technology that they are using in their restaurants.  This new system is known as the guest pager system.  This is a system that is being used to inform guests at a restaurant that their table is ready for them to be seated at.  Therefore, if you think back to the example about the hostess at the restaurant, the hostess will then be faced with the option to set off the guest pager through the guest pager system.

The guest pager system that is set up at the hostess station has a communication signal that is sent to the digital, cordless, guest pager that was given to the guest upon arrival by the hostess.  At this point in time is when the guest pager will go off and begin to either vibrate and or flash a light.  The color of the light that usually flashes is either red or green.

Pipe bending fabrication is a slow process

I do not have a ton of familiarity with the process of making pipes for all of the various industries that require them. Nevertheless, I have had the opportunity to learn a little bit about the different ways pipes are created. Pipes are something that is necessary for our society to function. When you think about how we go about our daily lives, pipes are involved in nearly every single step. From turning on the shower to flipping a light switch, all of the processes leading up to the moment that the water starts to come down out of the shower head to the light actually turning on involve pipes.

Now, pipes can be made in a variety of different ways and for the most part, these various manufacturing processes are done by industrial construction companies that do the majority of the fabrication for the companies that then take their products and do the construction or the development utilizing those tools. In a previous article, I wrote about how this often mirrors the building of a cake. Cake is something that does not just come about without the presence of a lot of other products.

In order to make a cake, you need flour, sugar, eggs, and a variety of other ingredients to go into the cake. Without all of those ingredients, you are going to end up with a bad end product. The same would go for all of the different products that an industrial construction company produces. These products are necessary to make sure that all of the end product construction can be done in a reliable manner. One of the distinct situations that comes to mind is the development of power from a power plant.

These organizations are responsible for making sure that all of our homes are power, while the industrial construction organizations are responsible for supplying the various parts to help this process along. Many of these organizations are responsible for the pipe fabrication that utilizes a large machine that is able to bend a large piece of heavy sheet metal into a pipe. This pipe is then welded on one side of the tube, allowing for the piece to become one solid pipe. A number of these pipes are then linked together, which allows for the company to piece them in a useful way. Once these pipes are arranged in a way that is suitable for the power plant, they are then able to hire a bolt torqueing service that can come in and link up all of the pieces of pipeline so that they are one solid tube.

The bolt torquing service does a job that is vital. It makes sure that anything that is transported through the tubes, stays in the tubes. I think that this could be the most important aspect of the job because it is so critical to the functioning and the success of the organization. If a company is able to do both, it can control every aspect of the process, which is something that I think most of these industrial construction companies strive for.

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The top five reasons to purchase all of your LP records online.

http://www.soundstagedirect.comIn today’s world, more and more people are purchasing the goods and services they need online.  There are a variety of reasons for this.  To name just a few, it takes less time, you can always find the particular product you need, it’s easier to compare prices, and you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home.  The amount of goods and services that people purchase online has grown at such a rate that many marketing companies now claim that the design of a company’s website is more important than the physical location of their store.  In fact, many companies are switching over to online only companies, opting for a warehouse with all of the products they ship over a physical store that they have to staff.  For some things, it is still probably best to buy in person.  For example, you probably don’t want to purchase a home over the Internet.  It is best to go and see the home, do an inspection, and see what you think in person.  However, there are many items that are actually better to buy online.  One of these is vinyl records, or LPs.  Here are the top five reasons to purchase all of your LP records online.

1.  Convenience.  The first reason to purchase all of your LP records online is that it is much more convenient than going to a record store.  When you go to a record store with a particular record in mind, you might have to dig through crates and rows of albums before you find it.  In fact, you may have to visit multiple stores before you lay your hands on it.  In contrast, when you purchase records online, it will be extremely easy to locate the exact record and place an order.

2.  Variety.  One of the great things about the Internet is that it’s almost limitless.  If  particular vinyl albums ever existed, it is almost guaranteed that you’ll be able to find them online.  Therefore, buying such albums online provides a much greater degree of variety.

3.  Condition.  Many record stores only sell used albums, so you can never be sure of the quality of the record until you play it on your Rega turntable.  However, when you purchase online, you can ensure that the album you are ordering is in its original packaging.  If it has never been opened, it is a fair bet to say it is in great condition.

4.  Cost.  As was mentioned above, shopping for LP records online allows the consumer to compare costs quickly.  Thus, when you purchase all of your records online, you can easily ensure that you are getting the best price possible.  When you visit a store in person, you simply have to pay the price they put on the record or not buy it at all.

5.  Availability of new releases.  Finally, buying LP records online allows you to get all of the new releases.  When these come out, physical stores typically run out of them very quickly.  However, you can always find a copy online.