When I was little the teachers always used to ask us what we wanted to be when we grew up or what our dream for life was. A lot of kids said they wanted to be the next president of the United States or find a cure for cancer. Some of my earliest class mates dreamed of one day being pilots, however none of them shared the singular vision I have always kept for my future which is to one day travel to the moon and own an Acura RDX.

For me it has always been as clear as winter ice, everything this life could mean can be summed up in the short and simple idea of taking that amazing journey to the moon and going to an Acura dealership and buying an RDX. I guess for me, life has been somewhat less challenging than it has for many of my friends and family member because I have always know what I wanted, as early on as 6. Over the years I have seen a lot of my friends kind of staggering through life, lost and without a purpose because they have not known what they wanted to do. I have one friend, Joey, who has been in the military, he went to the university for 4 years and now he has just left to travel around Europe for the next four months. I told Joey just decide what you want from life and start in that direction, it’ll make everything a whole lot simpler.  To some extent, the people around me have always been a little jealous of the one directional path in which my life has always traveled. They look at me and they see a man with an idea and a vision that can be neither distorted nor off set.  I once read that President Kennedy was something like me that he always wanted to be president and that no matter what else in his life was going on he kept at it. Well, Kennedy did it and I will too.  I won’t let anyone tell me I can realize my deepest desire of walking across the moons cold, dead surface and then coming back to earth and walking into the dealership and saying, “Give me the RDX in blue and white trim.” That’s correct; I even know the color of RDX which I want. It was as if I were born knowing everything I would ever want from my time here on earth.

I have been told a few times to keep my mind open and don’t discard the idea of doing something else with my time if it proves impossible for me to meet my two goals but I always respond that the word impossible is not even possible for me to say much less think. I will let the world do just as it wishes, for me I will push on and not stop till I have done it all.